Friday, February 7, 2014

All things Spectrum!

Last year I had the honour of getting into Spectrum 20 with my Rivendell painting commissioned by the Weta Cave. Having collected the Spectrum Art books for years it was a real career high to get selected :)

Unfortunately I missed the entries for Spectrum 21 which just closed, but I will be hitting the Yellow Brick Road to Kansas for my favourite Art Convention - Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!

Like the books Arnie and Cathy Fenner (and their amazing team) have created a show where the very best fantastic artists hangout for three glorious days of art indulgence, award nights, art workshops, panels, portfolio reviews and late late nights swapping tall stories at the Aladdin Hotel bar!

As much as I love the spectacle of San Diego Comic Con, Spectrum is where the heart is. I was amazed by how relaxed and friendly everyone was. There are no long ques, its easy to just rock up to your favourite artist and have a chat and its very genuine. So if your creative batteries are running a bit low or you want to be inspired to a new level make your way to Kansas this year and drop by the White Cloud Worlds booth!

You can buy the Rivendell print from the Weta Cave here :)

2012 was the first show and White Clouds was there sharing a booth with Team Red Star.

The LoveCrafty Travis Lewis who tends to help with the aforementioned drinking at the Aladdin.

Kiwis from all over: Me and Nick from Wellington, Stefan from Dubai and Rebecca from Melbourne joined by the amazing Fenners!! 

Perhaps one of the most dangerous things with going to this show...buying original art. This one is now hanging in the lounge courtesy of Justin Sweet.

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  1. I look forward to seeing you again at Spectrum this year!