About Me

Born in Nelson, New Zealand, Paul initially completed a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History and English Language before pursuing his interests in archaeology and travel abroad. Upon returning to Wellington, he attended Massey University’s School of Design and completed a Bachelor of Design (Hons).

For the last ten years Paul has been employed at Weta Workshop as a concept designer on film, television and computer game projects. He has most recently completed work on Sir Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy and also worked on James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) and Andrew Adamson’s The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) and Prince Caspian (2008).

In addition to his role as a concept designer Paul also conceived, art directed and designed Weta Workshop’s book The Crafting of Narnia and co-designed The World of Kong, A Natural History of Skull Island

In 2009 Paul created White Cloud Worlds – science fiction and fantasy art from New Zealand, which comprises of two art anthology books, a touring exhibition and workshops.
When time allows Paul also works as a freelance concept designer and illustrator and is a frequent speaker at Universities and Conventions worldwide.